应用ing to Xavier University of Louisiana

Here at Xavier, we recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate that each student is unique. 像这样, 我们的招生申请流程允许每个学生在整个审查和决策过程中获得个人关注.

路易斯安那州e世博esball大学在做出录取决定时对学生完成的申请进行全面评估. The admissions committee considers all submitted information before a decision is made.

Test scores are not required for admission.

Application Requirements:

  • Xavier application or the Common Application
  • Letter of Recommendation (from a 大学 Counselor)
  • Official High School transcript
  • Essay (required if official test scores aren’t submitted)
  • Resume (required if official test scores aren’t submitted)




The University expects that answers to all questions on the application be accurate and truthful. 在申请中任何虚假信息都可能导致拒绝录取或大学纪律处分. Applicants are encouraged to use one of the on-line applications. There is no application fee.


地区和/或国家认可的高中的学分成绩单,表明申请人有, 或者将完成, 在大学预科科目中至少完成16个学术单位的中学工作,其中包括:4个单位的英语, 2 units of Mathematics (including Algebra), 1个科学单元, 1 unit of Social Science, and 8 units of Languages or Other Academic Electives.

数学 & 科学的学者

学生 interested in majoring in any of the 数学-related fields (accounting, 计算机科学, 数学, 数学教育, 或任何自然科学)理想情况下应该有四年的大学预科数学课程, including two years of algebra, 几何之一, and at least one semester of trigonometry. It is recommended that natural science majors, in addition to the above-mentioned 数学 courses, should also take biology, chemistry and physics in high school.


没有完成普通高中课程,但参加过普通教育发展考试并取得满意成绩的申请人可以通过出示高中同等学历证书来代替完整的高中成绩单被录取. These certificates may be obtained through a student's State Department of Education.

坐 & ACT分数

“Test scores are not required for admission. 你应该提交吗?, e世博esball大学接受学术评估考试(坐)或美国大学考试计划(ACT)的成绩。. Scores from tests taken between April of the junior year and January of the senior year are preferred.


Recommendation from high school counselor.

Sending Your Materials to XULA





P.O. 132箱

新奥尔良,LA 70125

Test scores should be sent directly to XULA from the Testing Agency using the following XULA codes:

XULA 坐代码:6975

XULA ACT代码:1618


在申请审查过程中,所有学生都有机会获得基于成绩的奖学金,无论他们选择哪一种方式申请e世博esball大学. 访问 the academic scholarships page for more information.
Upon receiving a completed application, applicants are typically notified within 10 business days.
请登录您的e世博esball学生门户网站,仔细检查我们是否收到了所有申请审查所需的文件. Upon entering the page, you will be informed of anything that is needed. If this is not the case and it has been beyond two weeks, contact the office at
All students will be evaluated for admission should they choose to submit test scores or not. 我们实行全面审查过程,并将根据申请中提交的所有信息给予学生入学考虑.
Xavier does not have a minimum GPA or minimum test requirement for admission. 申请审查过程采用整体方法,根据每个申请人的申请和证明文件(例如.e, transcripts, test scores, recommendations, personal essays, etc.).
No, 我们没有超级得分, 然而, we will take the highest composite score from any official test (ACT/坐) submitted up to August 1st.
是的, we are test-optional. Due to the 当前的 pandemic, Xavier University waived the test requirement and students can apply without submitting test scores. If students opt to apply without submitting test scores, they must submit a written essay in lieu of test scores. The essay topic requires is “Why do you want to attend Xavier University of Louisiana.
No, there is no separate application process for merit-based scholarships. 在评估过程中,所有学生都会自动获得基于院校成绩的奖励.
学生 are encouraged to apply by the preferred scholarship deadline – December 1st. The preferred application deadline is March 1st for consideration of fall enrollment.
The application for Xavier University is FREE.
您可以通过申请门户网站查看您的申请状态,从而获得您的录取通知书副本. This is your official letter of acceptance. Notification is also sent by email. Typically mailed admissions packages are mailed 2 weeks after an admissions decision is completed. div>


The enrollment deposit is $150.

关于如何支付押金的说明已经通过电子邮件发送到您在完成申请时提供的电子邮件地址. The detailed steps are listed below:

点击的链接 and follow these step by step directions:

  1. 点击 the "Make a Payment" tab under "Education Payments".
  2. Select Louisiana in the first scroll menu.
  3. Under "Payment Entity", select Xavier University of Louisiana.
  4. Under "Payment Category", select deposits.
  5. Under "Payment Type", select 入学 Acceptance Payment.
  6. 点击“付款”.
Incoming freshmen can request a change of major up to registration. 申请可以通过学生申请门户网站提出,招生部门将审查该申请,并通过电子邮件提醒学生更改.

需要参加分班考试的学生可以通过以下电子邮件地址与学生学业成功办公室(SASO)联系: A virtual placement test will then be scheduled. 也, 分班考试(Accuplacer)所需的分数和其他考试成绩可以在我们的网站上找到:

考试成绩可以直接通过电子邮件发送给学生各自的招生顾问或招生办公室,以便将分数添加到他们的申请中. 分数必须来自经过验证的来源,如提供考试的公司(大学理事会或ACT)或学生所在高中的大学辅导员.
Incoming freshmen can request a change of major up to registration. 申请可以通过学生申请门户网站提出,招生部门将审查该申请,并通过电子邮件通知学生更改.
An email detailing this information has been sent to every admitted student; 然而, the easiest way to obtain details is to email


First Day Complete是一种课程材料模型,它降低了学生的材料成本,并确保学生在上课的第一天或之前获得所有必需的课程材料. 通过这个新项目, physical books will be conveniently packaged and provided to students on a rental basis, and digital materials will be delivered directly within the campus LMS. Costs will be applied to your fee bill as “Gold Book Bundle”. 学期结束的时候, students will receive email reminders to return their physical course materials to the bookstore.
是的, 路易斯安那州e世博esball大学在完成FAFSA申请后提供了一些基于成绩的奖学金,以及基于需求的助学金和贷款.
No, Xavier is a private institution. Tuition is the same for in-state and out-of-state students.
是的, 勤工俭学是通过FAFSA申请提供的基于需求的援助,并由财政援助办公室管理.


Xavier is part of the Division 1 NAIA Conference. We feature programs such as Basketball, Track, 越野, 网球, and Competitive Cheer (both male and female) and Volleyball (female) Baseball (male), 垒球(女子). 访问 for more information.
是的. Currently, 8 of the Divine 9 fraternities and sororities are active on campus.
No, Xavier is a private institution. Tuition is the same for in-state and out-of-state students.
是的, “Xavier Exponential” is an honors program by invitation only. This experiential program offers valuable opportunities through interdisciplinary, 协作, and innovative approaches to learning that also affect positive social change.


Last year’s incoming freshman class had an average 3.67 GPA and 22 ACT / 1100 坐 test score.

是的! We accept minimum scores of 3 on most AP exams and 4 in high-level IB exams. Specific information may be found at 




Last year’s incoming freshman class had an average 3.67 GPA and 22 ACT / 1100 坐 test score. 


是的! We accept minimum scores of 3 on most AP exams and 4 in high-level IB exams. Specific information may be found at 





Majors affiliated with STEM are the most popular, specifically biology and chemistry. 

International Student 登记:

No,  如果官方成绩单是英文的,并且显示每个字母或数字等级的等级,则不需要外国成绩单评估. 

No. 所有 documents must be sent by a school, testing agency or counselor. 学生为家庭成员发送的文件不被接受为入学审查的正式文件. 


是的, International students can receive any merit based scholarship up to full tuition. Merit scholarships are based on GPA and test scores and no residency or citizenship is required.


No. 联邦财政援助是通过FAFSA申请提供的,要求美国居留权或公民身份. We can not award international students federal funding if they do not have US residency or citizenship.


No, 这些考试成绩只需要非英语母语者,或者如果你没有达到坐或ACT英语和阅读/写作的考试成绩基准. 


经济支持证明是国际学生入学审查的一部分,是强制性的. This form is to be sent via mail to:


 Xavier University of Louisiana 



新奥尔良,LA 70125 


此表格证明来自海外的学生能够满足学费要求和F-1签证要求. If a student does not meet this requirement, they may not be granted admission or a VISA, or both. 


If you are applying for the Spring the deadline is September 1st. If you are applying for the Fall the deadline is March 1st. 


The application is free for all students applying to Xavier University of Louisiana. You can apply on our website at or through a common app. 


学生 can view all updates to their application by logging into their online application portal. 一旦你完成了你的申请,你可以跟踪你的申请状态,只需登录到你的在线帐户,并查看你的申请状态. 


Once you are admitted you will receive an email letting you know of your admissions update and decision. 2-3周内, you will then receive your admissions packet which will include your acceptance letter, your scholarship amount if any, and your I-20 application. Once you receive this packet you will need to schedule your visa appointment at your embassy. After you have completed your visa appointment and receive your F-1 student visa, you will send your enrollment deposits and housing deposits to secure your room and enrollment at Xavier. 




We know that the first time a student experiences college can be an overwhelming experience. 在e世博esball大学, 我们为学生提供各种资源,帮助他们充分利用校园所提供的一切,并在e世博esball大学度过一段成功而有意义的时光.